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Will and Mike were absolutely terrific! We were very pleased with their work and felt we were treated fairly. We have kids with asthma so we wanted to get the problem taken care of right away, and that is exactly what they did. My husband does the maintenance for our church and if ever we have a situation with water we will be contacting you. Thank you again for all the help and great customer service!

— Crystal Moore

Sewage Cleanup in Chicagoland

Save Time & Money Restoring Water Damage

Certified & Safe Sewage Cleanup

When sewers get overwhelmed or soft tissues & roots get in the way of sewer lines, the resulting damage can be overwhelming. Protecting occupant's health and preserving indoor quality are a crucial part of this service. The facts are that in these cases mold can begin to grow within 24 hours and occupants can become ill from living around the hazardous environment.

At Chicago Water & Fire Restoration, all of our technicians are IICRC certified and experienced with sewage decontamination. Our process begins with a thorough extraction, removal of all non-salvageable porous material, cleaning the area, applying a disinfectant and lastly placement of drying equipment. Our technicians always provide before and after photos so that you can be sure your home or business will always be quality controlled and checked. In addition, all of our work comes with an unconditional lifetime mold and odor free warranty. Don't wait! Call now for a free estimate!

Our Category 3 (Sewer Backup, Flood Waters) Restoration Procedures

When water intrusion results from a grossly unsanitary source, carries disease causing agents, or when water has dwelled in a structure for more than 120 hours, it is said to be Category 3. Regardless of the initial source, water can be deemed Category 3 if it is allowed to dwell in the structure for five days. Removal of all highly porous materials and thorough cleaning or surfaces to be restored is required.


Apply Biocide


Extract Wet Areas


Dispose Of Damaged Carpet & Pad


Steam Extract Floor


Re-Apply Biocide


Install Drying Equipment

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